5 Things You Quit Saying When You Hit 60

With age should come some wisdom, right? So with that in mind, there are a few things that many of us still say that should perhaps be retired. Why? Because at 60, we know better. Here are 5 examples of what we mean:

1. “Hindsight is the perfect vision.”
Enough already with the second guessing and playing the “if only” game. At every crossroad in our lives we make a choice. We evaluate the best information we have at the moment and take a leap of faith that what we are deciding will be right. Sometimes, years later, we realize we were wrong. Hindsight may be the perfect vision, but who needs to waste time on regrets. Besides, the perfect vision is what’s in front of us.

2. “I should wear more colors.”
Nobody ever means that when they say it. It’s why most women own 16 pairs of black pants, nine black sweaters, and at least 10 black handbags. Don’t even get us started on black shoes — we don’t even fully understand why shoes are made in brown. (Who buys brown shoes?) If you wear black a lot, it doesn’t mean you are depressed, hoping to look thinner or want to wear clothes that are dirty but don’t show it. You don’t owe anyone an explanation of why black is “your” color.

And by the way, orange is not and never will be the “new black.” There is only one black. And you are likely wearing it right now.

3. “Sure, whatever you want to do is fine.”
By age 60, you are nobody’s fool and don’t need to go along on someone else’s ride. Acquiescing control of your life to someone else may be what you did in your 20s, but by the time you are 60 that “sure, whatever you want” comes out of your mouth sounding more like “Are you nuts?”

4. “I swear these heels are so comfortable.”
Did you hear the peals of maniacal laughter when I typed that? The only relationship a woman over 60 wants to have with stiletto heels is the one where she calls her lawyer to see who she can sue for foot pain. No greater fashion injustice exists than the fact that for decades, women have been encouraged to shove their feet into this unnatural and uncomfortable footwear. And if you are still one of those people wearing stilettos and insist that your feet feel just fine, just wait a few years. I’m thinking of ripping off the old bra-burning party idea and make it a shoe-fire. Who’s in?

5. “I’m old.”
Only if you say so, so stop saying so. My feeling is that “old” will always be at least 10 years away from wherever I sit at the moment, no matter how many candles I blow out on the cake. Remember when you never trusted anyone over 30? Nobody needs to feel old because the one truism is that we are only as old as we feel.


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