The Top 10 Most Unaffordable Cities in the United States

California and East coast dominate the list of 10 most expensive cities in the land, way beyond the best luxury villa in koh samui. The list is compiled based on parameters like housing, transportation, groceries, health care, services and utilities.

1. Los Angeles   Health care, utilities and groceries are not high in the city of Los Angeles but transportation puts you back by 12% above national average. The notorious traffic jams surely have something to do with it but you cannot do anything about it. You will have to pay double the amount for a house than you pay on a national average. Median household income is $50,028.

2. San Diego   Think sun, sand and surf and San Diego comes to mind because they are all free there. But if you want to buy a house, you have to shell out double the average of the nation. Transportation, health care and groceries are not very affordable either. They too come at 10% higher. You have an option of crossing over into Tijuana if you want to spend less on fun. Median household income is $63,739.

3. Oakland, California   Oakland is no different from other cities in California which are grappling with high-priced real estate.  This is all the more burdensome for the citizens when you take their below average income. Groceries sell at a high 22.5% above national average. Rented apartments come at a steep $1, 604 when the national average is $870. Median household income is $51,144.

4. San Francisco   Housing costs at three times the national average make you think twice about shifting San Francisco. An apartment rental is $2,630 a month. If it is any consolation, wines are less costly at 18% below average. Household income is $72,947.

5. San Jose, California   Health care comes at 20% more, utilities at 20% more too in this city. In real estate prices, it comes third in the country after New York and San Francisco. Median household income is $80,764.

6. Washington   Millionaires abound in the National capital and they can afford to pay high rents . Utilities and health care prices are almost normal and that is a relief for the citizens. Median household income is $61,835.

7. Stamford, Connecticut   Living expenses will have you pay anywhere between 17% to 32% but there are very rich people living here. Housing is double the national average. Median household income is $78,201.

8. Honolulu   Beaches, surfing and the luaus alone do not mark Honolulu. The cost of living is also high here. High is the norm here for everything. Utilities at 67.6%, groceries at 58.1% and transport at 27.8% are all prohibitively high. Median household income is $56,939.

9. New York   Real estate prices went through the roof and hovering around the stratosphere at 4.5 times the national average in Manhattan. A T-bone will cost you $15.52 in New York as opposed to $8.34 in Harlingen, Texas.  Median household income is $51,270.

10. Boston   The lowest priced real estate in our list of ten cities is found in Boston. However, health care comes at 26.4% and utilities will cost you 47.3%. The median household income is $51,739.

Written By:   Jenny Corteza loves to travel and write about her travel experiences. She also had a travel agency all for women, where she would form groups of women willing to go exploring throughout the world.


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