Commonly Overlooked Travel Items When Going on a Road Trip with Children

Travelling with children on road trips can be an immensely rewarding experience for everyone involved. That, however, is dependent upon mum and dad understanding the nature of travelling with children on road trips and what that entails, and it also involves packing all the essentials children need to travel comfortably.

Here are a few of the many items parents commonly overlook when preparing for road trips with the kids.

Activities and entertainment

Children are much more content travelling when they’re entertained.

a)    A tablet with headphones

If you have a tablet, bring it and some headphones along and don’t forget to load it with games and movies too.

Whilst you won’t want them spending the entire trip immersed in games and movies, kids simply aren’t able to derive the same enjoyment and inspiration that adults do from watching the world go by their window.

b)    Cards and games

Cards and games give them something to do whilst travelling and when you take breaks, plus they’re something for the entire family to do together so as to spend quality time bonding.

c)    Pens, paper and colouring-in books

In addition to colouring in, you can provide the kids with ideas of what they could draw and you can even make the experience educational by giving them projects to complete.

Comfort and safety

Comfort and safety, particularly the latter, should be your highest priorities when road tripping with the kids.

a)    A baby, booster or child seat

Enquire in advance about the cost of hiring a baby, booster or child seat when making arrangements for camper rentals. Some firms charge scandalously high prices and it isn’t uncommon for parents to be hit with rental rates higher than the cost of buying one.

b)    Travel blankets

Many kids sleep more soundly under a blanket, so if your kids tend to drop off more quickly with a blanket, bring along light travel blankets. The best time to travel with kids is when they’re fast asleep.

c)    Balls, Frisbees, etc.

Packing things for them to play with like balls and Frisbees not only keeps the kids entertained when taking breaks or at your destination, it also wears them out and that can make travelling much more comfortable.

Food and drinks

Bringing along your own snacks and drinks can help to keep the kids content and also reduce your travelling expenses.

a)    Light snacks

Avoiding heavy, greasy snacks is a must when travelling, especially if your children are prone to bouts of car sickness. Fruit is a good choice, as are light snacks like natural rice crackers and corn chips that possess that ‘crunch factor’ but won’t trouble their stomachs.

b)    Light drinks

In addition to water and lots of it, fruit juice is a good option and they’ll probably need little milk cartons as well. Avoiding sodas is a wise move since they contain too much sugar to keep the kids relatively sedate in the backseat!


There’s always something else to bring along!

a)    Batteries and chargers

What doesn’t require batteries or a charger these days?

b)    Flashlight

Make sure each child has one so they can play games in the dark around the campsite.

c)    Tissue paper, wipes, etc.

Travel wipes and tissue paper are essential travel items and hold onto your shopping bags to use as garbage bags.

It’s hoped that this family road trip checklist provides you with a better understanding of what to bring along on road trips with the kids and that it helps you all to derive greater enjoyment road tripping wherever in the world you choose to travel!


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