How Not to Give the Vaping Movement a Bad Image

In recent years, tobacco smoking has been seriously cracked down upon in public places – this is due to the dangers of secondhand smoke and public outcry – and nowadays it can be difficult for smokers to find somewhere to sit, or even stand, and have a cigarette.

Whilst vaping isn’t technically illegal to engage in publically – some countries and jurisdictions have illegalised vaping in certain areas – that doesn’t mean that it’s okay to vape wherever you please and you have to bear in mind that although electronic cigarettes have been in circulation for some time now, vaping is still relatively new and that many people therefore aren’t aware that ‘secondhand vapour’ isn’t anywhere as dangerous as secondhand cigarette smoke with the thousands of chemicals they emit when burned.

This means that you could unintentionally be doing the vaping movement a major disservice by vaping in public and it also means that you and every other ‘vaper’ are like ambassadors of sorts, letting the world know that vaping isn’t as bad as it’s sometimes made out to be and that it’s also a much better means of relieving the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal.

How to avoid giving the vaping movement a bad image

In addition to avoiding clambering on top of that high horse, i.e. preaching to smokers who are yet to give vaping a go, there are a number of ways to avoid giving the vaping movement a bad image.

1. Cloud chasing

‘Cloud chasing’ is the term given to vapers who can’t get enough of big clouds of smoke and there are even competitions in which cloud chasers compete to blow the most vapour for cash prizes – do they think they’re dragons?

This is unnecessary and it isn’t doing the vaping movement any favours. According to Spike Babaian, co-owner of Vape New York and founder of the National Vapers Club, cloud chasers are often called ‘foggers’ for the negative publicity they generate and goes on to say, “It’s frustrating for the advocates who are trying to stop a ban when 20-year-old kids are blowing these giant clouds and are like, ‘Look at me, I’m so cool’.”

2. Smoking and vaping

One of the platforms on which vaping advocates are trying to push for greater acceptance of vaping is that of vaping as a cessation aid to quit smoking.

By smoking and vaping – often vaping indoors and smoking outside – you’re giving vaping a bad rep because others are going to take the notion of e-cigs as cessation aids less seriously.

3. Vaping in inappropriate areas

Some areas, regardless of signage, are simply ‘no go’ vaping zones just like smoking, and such areas include educational institutions, medical institutions and areas with little to no ventilation, like the bathroom and toilet at work and your parent’s house – use your common sense.

4. You leave vaping paraphernalia lying about

Even if there aren’t children or pets present it’s still bad etiquette to leave your vaping paraphernalia lying around, though if there are, you could accidentally poison a child or the family dog as nicotine is still a dangerous drug.

Not only should you avoid leaving vaping paraphernalia lying around, but you should probably also have a little bag or box in which to store your e cigarette, spare cartridges and vaping juice – it’s not good etiquette to leave them lying around and you won’t do the vaping movement any favours by doing so.

5. Blowing vapour in the direction of others

This is easily one of the biggest sins a vaper could possibly commit, one that has seriously negative repercussions for the vaping movement.

Even though vapour isn’t dangerous like cigarette smoke it’s still incredibly offensive and rude to blow it in the face of others and you should make a conscious effort to blow it in the opposite direction of other people.

Vaping is relatively new and as we want it to gain greater societal acceptance we must practice good vaping etiquette so as to enhance the movement’s momentum.


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