15 Things Your Guests Won’t Care About (And 3 Things They Will)

So many of us never entertain at home, fearing that our spaces won’t measure up to other people’s. We all have a tendency to assume that our houses are messier, less stylish and all around more chaotic than those belonging to friends and neighbors. We make excuses to prevent guests from coming in, or issue the type of apologies normally reserved for a particularly gassy pet. We are terribly embarrassed and seek understanding. We avoid having a party until the siren song of Memorial Day (or July 4th or Labor Day) guilts us into returning the favor of others’ hospitality, inspiring a Sunday spent cleaning more in one day than in previous weeks combined.

Really, though, there’s no reason to put yourself through the ringer like that. Unless you can’t walk through your own house without bruising a shin on a careless heap of shoes, chances are your guests won’t notice or even care. Really.

Here is a short list of the things that your guests simply won’t care as much as you will. (And if they do, drop that friend.)

– Your messy fridge
– The ratty toys your pets feel very strongly about
dog with toy
– The fact that your white carpet is now “faintly ivory”
– That you dimmed the lightbulbs to distract from the ring around the tub you can’t quite scrub out
– The fact that you’ve piled everything into your linen closet or attic
– Your significant other’s posters from a previous apartment…that you still can’t stand.
– Disorganized bookshelves
– Your kids’ toy collection
messy bookshelf
– The pile of mail in the entryway
– That your living room’s paint color is slightly darker than you wanted it to be
– The dust on top of the cabinets
– That your patio furniture doesn’t look completely brand new
old patio furniture
– That your hand towels aren’t coordinated with the colors in your bathroom (as long as they are clean)
– That your hardwood floors have scratches from living your life
– That you’re using paper plates (as long as they’re not the kind that falls apart if you even glance at them, let alone attempt to place a burger on one of them)
paper plate picnic

What they will notice:
– If you’re a stressed out mess
woman screaming
– If there isn’t enough food
empty plate
– If their glass isn’t full
empty beer glass

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