Watch A Tiny Apartment Grow With A Wave Of The Hand (VIDEO)

It’s no secret that when it comes to micro-dwelling, everyone’s looking for space-saving solutions that can really open up even the teeny-tiniest apartment. But instead of resorting to hanging stuff everywhere or purchasing double-duty furniture, MIT Media Lab’s Changing Places group is going in a drastically different direction and really taking things to the next level with their new CityHome project.

Through the help of gestures, touch and voice control, a mechanical box that looks a bit like a custom closet transforms into a complete home as the hiding bed, table, kitchen, workspace, closet and storage units emerge. But the innovation doesn’t end there — the entire module is built on low-friction rollers and can be moved a few feet each way to dynamically fulfill any small-space needs.

And according to lead researcher Kent Larson, who noted that CityHome isn’t just a concept, but a viable product he intends to bring to market through either a startup or a commercial sponsor, “at $1,000 per square foot in Boston, the extra cost of technology is trivial compared to space saved for a furnished apartment.” Just imagine the difference that’ll make for New Yorkers and San Franciscans…


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