Through the Eyes of the Home: Eight Window Treatments that Improve Home Value

Window treatments are essential to a proper home décor. With them, you can control the flow of light and heat into a room from the outside – something that is a major benefit, particularly if you want some privacy. However, did you realize that the proper window treatments can increase the value of your home? Here are eight that can:

1.      Faux Wood Shutters

Wooden shutters are a major investment. To install real wood shutters takes quite a bit of time and money, and their care and upkeep can be exhausting. However, faux wood shutters are a less expensive alternative that do not require as much maintenance, but provide the same look and feel as real ones do. Without touching the shutter itself, it’s impossible to tell the difference – and, as they say, appearance is everything.

2.      Updating the curtains

If your curtains look like they belong on an episode of The Brady Bunch, it might time for a change. No one looking for a modern home wants one that hasn’t yet left the 70s. Take the time to find some modern styled curtains and install them; it’s a relatively low cost investment that can greatly increase the resell value of your home. Whether the curtains stay with the home or go with you doesn’t matter – the ability for the potential buyer to see what the home could look like makes all the difference.

3.      Install new windows

This is a ‘window treatment’ of the most extreme kind. If your windows are old and show the signs of age (bubbling near the bottom, uneven texture, cracks, etc.) then it’s time to replace them. While windows can be expensive, they don’t have to be – take the time to shop around and find a great deal. It will have major payoffs on the value of your home.

4.      Dual Drapes

Instead of having a single set of curtains, install drapes that can be drawn together. Studies have shown this reduces energy loss by up to 10% in a room, on top of adding a classic feel to the space.

5.      Install window films

Technology has come a long way. Did you realize there are window films that can be activated and deactivated at the touch of a button? By turning these films on, the window takes on a murky sort of look; no one can see inside, and it reduces the amount of light allowed in. This saves energy.


6.      Blackout curtains

If you live in an urban environment, blackout curtains can help to fight light pollution and make it easier to sleep at night. As a plus, the curtains are so heavy that they work very effectively to regulate temperatures.

7.      Blinds

Although some would argue against the usage of basic blinds, the light color can reflect light back out the window and reduce the temperature within a room. They also provide more privacy than an open window might, as they will hide anything backlighting might reveal. Blinds are a cheap investment that can have significant effect on home value.

8.      Roller shades

Roller shades are blinds with style – unlike traditional venetian blinds, roller shades ‘roll’ into a cylinder at the top. They look fantastic and add a bit of flair to any window.

Any of the eight window treatments mentioned can help to add value to your home. The best way to optimize their effect is by deciding what areas your home is weakest in; if it requires a lot of energy, focus on reducing that drain by making your windows more energy efficient.


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