Four home improvements that will add value to your home

rp_109474535.jpgDIY costs the least

If you have enough ideas and energy, the best solution is doing everything on your own, of course. By doing so, you will cut your expenses significantly and, what is more, you will not have to be under pressure and tension of supervising your workers.

In addition to that, having a family and working at the same time also makes it difficult to find additional time for such home enterprises. So, if you cannot devote your time and energy to that, hiring professional workers comes as a better choice.

Home insulation

If you have not done anything on your house or flat for a while, probably the best part to start with is home thermal insulation. This is way more easily done if you have a house. For making changes on your own house, you only have to inform the local counsel, so that they know that some works are going to be done in their area. When it comes to home insulation materials, polystyrene foam is still one of the most widespread insulation options. It comes below the final layer of concrete, of course. Apart from that, some people also add layers of cellulose, glass wool and wood to increase the level of insulation. The term insulation in this context refers not only to thermal insulation, but also to sound insulation, as well. When you are dealing with that issue, the best thing is to replace the old wooden framed windows, if you still have those on your house. Insulation-wise more efficient and more sophisticated ones are windows made of the PVC material.

Heating system

Improving your home cannot be complete without the proper heating system. When it comes to contemporary trends, solar panels are a very useful home heating device that has been being introduced in the last 10 years. Their main advantage is the fact that you utilize energy directly from the sunlight and that way decrease the consumption of fossil fuels on our planet. Beside that, installing a larger panel or a few of them means that you will be getting more energy than necessary for your needs. If so, that surplus can be sold to electric energy providers.

Roof refurbishing

If you really want to increase the efficiency of your house, the roof is the part that needs to be taken greatest care of. This is even more obvious if you have had some leaks recently. To protect your attic and room ceilings in general, you should hire a professional roofer and check the roof shingles to check where the problem is. Sometimes it will be enough just to replace several shingles and the insulation material below them. In case of older houses, it is recommendable to reroof the whole area.

Sophie Andersen is an interior designer from Australia. Sophie work on new concept home projects together with Sydney plumbers and other specialists. Sophie enjoys writing and sharing her experience. Follow her at @andersen_sophie.


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