Home Exterior Makeover: A Tutorial

rp_78302513179624258.jpgVisualize before start

Not only a re-paint of your house can give it a snazzy makeover, you can include many remodeling options, but before starting any of those approaches it is best to first visualize what you want and how you want to get it done, because without a proper plan you will only end up in a mess.

Working on the exterior can be tedious and demanding, but in the end it will boost the overall value of your home and will also give a satisfactory feeling that you accomplished something great. Other than that, you can give your house a well-deserved makeover that will spice up its look.

A fresh paint job

The most obvious thing you can do when giving a makeover to your home is to repaint the inside and outside as well, a new fresh coat of paint will protect your home from harmful elemental effects and you can also give a new flamboyant look or just spruce it up enough to make you feel good and relaxed in your home.

Redo windows and doors

Besides a paint job, windows and doors are the most common things that people will notice on any home, and if you do a good enough job people will stop in awe of your great work. You can upgrade doors to be more reinforced and esthetically still pleasing to the eye, combine security with looks.

Windows on the other hand give you more options for upgrade, not only the frame but the window glass itself can be customized in ways that will make your home unique and beautiful. On the plus side, window glass can also be upgraded and enforced so that it will prevent burglars from breaking in easily and still be very pleasing to the eye.

The backyard also counts

When you are considering a complete makeover do not forget the front and the backyard as well, they are a crucial part of your home; and if decorated properly it will give off a special vibe that will make your home look even more unique and inviting.

Now is the chance to utilize different methods to cool off your home, this includes using plants and trees in a way that they give off shade, or using outdoor shade sails. Not only will you be able to create cool spots in your garden, but you will be also able to protect your home and your property from the elements as well.

For fences, it is always problematic to find the perfect thing to give you enough privacy, but now with privacy screens for fences you can enjoy your own privacy and still have a great fence in the process.

Playing with lighting

The lighting of your house can drastically improve how it looks like, especially at night; plus, if you really need to, you will be able to see if anyone is trying anything fishy around your home.

But do not only consider lighting as a source of illumination, you can use lamps to highlight specific features of your home, which will look dazzling in the evening.

Combine small lights with shade sails you can create fantastic and intricate designs which will complement your home at day and at night as well.

Ariel Bellamy is a writer in love with life, new experiences and clean and green living. She is a part of Shade Sails Sydney team, loves discovering all about shade structures and installation, and helping readers in making their home a perfect place to live and love.


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