Feng Shui Your Home Office

Feng Shui

The art of positioning items in your office in a way that will maximize the flow of energy so that you can harness the full potential and have the best results possible while feeling the best you can.

FengShui can be considered more than just art, because it will help you focus your energy in all the right areas but if done well, your home office will look astonishing and very stylish.

Where to place your home office?

If you are planning on utilizing FengShui to its maximum worth, the first thing you must do is to plan out where you should place it in your home. Be vary of the energies in your house, under no condition should you locate your home office near your bedroom as this will result in a conflict with the sound sleep energies. Your goal should be to find a room with a high ceiling, to stimulate growth and productivity.

Avoid places which are near your house and stairways, they will resonate with bad energies and in the long run will only help with your business slowly withering away.

Choosing the right furniture

It is vital that office furniture in your home office is made from wood, especially home office desks should be made from wood, without glass tops as it will make you lose deals, and under no condition should they be incomplete or L-shaped. You want a sturdy rectangular or round shape, to ensure that your business is on the right path.

Office placement

It is imperative that you do not place your office desk in the center of your office, as this will diminish your authority, you need to be as far away from the door as possible, but you must be facing it, as this way you are ready to accept challenges and work. Remember to also be against a wall and not facing a window, because the view can be distracting.

Keeping everything in order

Clutter is your biggest enemy, because it blocks the flow of energy. Clean up frequently in your home office, not only will you feel the energy flow more freely, but you will feel more accomplished and ready for work.

Do not overpopulate your office with unnecessary commercial furniture and under no condition keep unwanted and unnecessary file cabinets or shelves which will only create clutter but might be of little use to your office. Remember that a healthy and clutter free office maximizes your performance.

Good light quality

FengShui dictates that natural light and if possible full-spectrum lights are the best to boost energy flow and to keep your business growing. For that reason it is advisable to have at least one big window in your office, and to have overhead lighting in your office. And if you wish to be eco-friendly while you are at it, opt for light bulbs which are more economic.

Be careful of your air

Good air quality is not only important for your own health, but for energy flow as well. If you place plants which are good at purifying air then you will have stylish and functional decorations as well. The energy of the plants, if you place them well, will refresh your office’s energy and yours as well.

Ariel Bellamy is a creative writer and enthusiastic blogger who loves exploring health benefits of a well functioning and designed home and office. She loves finding affordable office furniture and creating a perfect working environment.


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