Pet-Friendly Home Remodeling

Pets and family

For some, pets are nothing more than just cute little fluff-balls to hang around with, but there are people that consider pets as a part of the family. Moreover, if all the other family members can get their own quarters and benefits why pets should be left out of the whole ordeal? If you want to keep your pets safe, there are a few things that you will have to do in order to make them feel not just safe but part of the family as well.

As family members, your pets should have all the freedom as you have as well. That is why installing certain features into your home will allow them to be able to move around freely; also remodeling will help not only your pets to feel better in their home, it will also help you with cleaning and grooming them.

In and out

Pet doors are a great cost effective way to ensure that your pets have all the ease and freedom to move around the house, and also in and out of the house without any restrictions. There are many models that can be great for your home, and most of them can be installed either on a door or on a wall.

Installing pet doors will be great for your pets, and it will also save you some energy when you have to get up late at night to let your pets out for a bathroom break.

Fun bath time

No pet really likes to get showers or to take a bath, but if you make it a routine and if you include some fun, then it will be possible that your pets will at least tolerate house cleanliness. Ideal spots for installing pet showers are garages or laundry rooms. You now also have a big choice of premade units, but you can also fully customize your own bath unit.

Moreover, if you teach your pets to be bath friendly, you will have to worry less about grime and dirt coming into your house. Your pets will be cleaner and safer for children to be around as well.

Exercising made fun

Creating a fun course for your pets, or a designated space where they can exercise is great not only for your pets but also for you, the owner, as well. You will get good quality bonding time and workout as well. However, make sure that whatever you install is pet safe and that they will not hurt themselves in any way.

Wall decorations

Pet owners know the true struggle when cleaning walls after their pets invade with dirty paws. It is imperative that you get paint coatings which will allow easier cleaning so that when your pets do make a mess, it will only take a wipe to clean everything.

Sleeping quarters

It is a good idea to prepare places where your pets can take a nap, or go sleep, so that they will not harass your couches or beds. Moreover, if you like, you can get premade sleeping units and place it in a designated area where you want your pets to be.

On the other side, you can get creative with certain pets and build them their own houses which they can fully enjoy.

Ariel Sarah is an absolute animal fan and she likes to call herself a pet whisperer – from animal care to their well-being and protection, she’d like to make the world their better home. Stefmar supports her knowledge, by offering great pet care products and advice.


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