Quick tips to increase the value of your house

The real estate market today is still, no matter what anyone wants to say, a buyer’s market, meaning that if you wish to sell your house, you need to do everything you can to entice the buyers. It also means that you need to do everything in your power to increase the value of your property.

But what is a person to do if their renovation budget is limited, if they do not have the means to transform that one room that needs sprucing up? There are quick tips and tricks that you can fall back to that will not be too expensive and that will definitely increase the value of the house and make it more attractive to potential buyers.

1. You have got to paint it

Painting your house is the most basic step that you need to take before you put your place on the market. Absolutely no one will take more than a quick glance at a house with paint falling off of walls, with years-old paint losing any resemblance of the original color. You need to put a new coat of paint both to the exterior and the interior. The good thing with this is that you can take this opportunity to paint the rooms in your house differently than they are painted right now, do some tricks with the paint to open up certain rooms and give them a different ambiance.

2. Let there be more light

Nothing sells a house quite like light. If you are on a tight budget, you will most likely not be able to put in new windows, but you might still be able to put in a skylight here and there. If nothing else, you need to make sure that all the lights work and you should also consider putting in brighter bulbs to make the place open up. Another way to bring light into your house is to have brighter colors on your walls and nothing but white ceilings.

3. Redo the cabinets

The number of people for whom the kitchen makes or breaks a buy is just staggering. If nothing else, no one will ignore the state of the kitchen. And the state of the kitchen can best be improved by sprucing up the cabinets. You do not have to change them for new ones. Simply sand them and put new paint on them. It will revive your kitchen without spending a lot. Do not be afraid to play with colors other than white or beige.

4. Make sure you do some landscaping

The landscaping we are talking about here does not include ground works and turning the backyard into a jungle or an English garden. We are talking about cleaning up, perhaps putting in a path, making sure the wilted plants are removed. Make sure your backyard (and front) does not look like trenches during World War I.

5. Fix up any problems

Do not think that your buyers will not realize there is a blocked drain or a few switches that do not really work the way they should. This does not happen. When people buy a house, they check every nook and cranny and make sure everything is working properly. Make sure you have checked the entire place, unblocked every drain, replaced every bulb, fixed every step. While you are at it, think about putting in new switches and sockets. They are cheap and they add a lot to your house.

Author: James Burbank has been involved in interior design in one way or another for almost a decade. He blogs for himself and sometimes writes something up on behalf of his friends, the professional painters in Sydney, Proplaster & Paint.


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