Five Ideas for Decorating the Outdoor Living Room

1. Go Nuts with Colors When deciding on the colors for your outdoor living room, it is very important to understand that colors act differently outside than they do inside. For instance, the color black equals heat when it is outside, especially in areas with a lot of sun. Also, earthy tones tend to blend in the surroundings and end up being very, very bland. This is why your outdoor living room will welcome color, bright, exciting colors that will make the furniture pop. 2. Do not forget about the lighting Many people forget about installing lighting when they decorate their outdoor spaces and this is a huge mistake. People love spending time outside during warmer periods of the year, which does not limit the enjoyment to daytime. The choice of landscape lighting is truly staggering these days and you will have no problems finding lamps, torches or lanterns that can turn your outdoor living room into a cozy space where people will relax and enjoy themselves. 3. Protect yourself from the elements Depending on where you live and what the weather situation in your area is, you will probably want to protect yourself from the elements and weather in some way at least. If you live in an area that is extremely sunny, or if you get a lot of rain, you should consider getting yourself a garden marquee that will provide perfect shelter. Pergolas are also a very popular solution, although not as impervious as marquees. 4. Add fire No, we are not saying that you should start burning your outdoor living room and your furniture. We are just trying to recommend adding a fireplace or a fire pit to your outdoor living room. You can go as fancy as you want, depending on how your outdoor living room is designed. In any case, it will bring warmth (both literally and metaphorically) to your outdoor living room and it will provide a very romantic feeling. 5. Add water A water feature is usually a matter of taste where some people cannot imagine their outdoor living room without one while others are not so sure. A water feature can definitely be a feature (if you’ll excuse the pun), especially if you are looking for a way to bring peace and serenity to your outdoor space. A small built fountain or a koi pond with fish that you can care for and look at as the sun comes up or goes down; these are all beautiful pictures and moments you will remember. Author: Sophie Andersen is a designer from Australia. She’s hooked on gardening and designing outdoor spaces. For this sunny season Sophie recommends beautiful garden marquees, which can serve as shelter but also as decoration. Check Sophie’s updates on Facebook.


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