Reimagine Your Backyard with These 5 Simple Additions

Once in a while, we all feel like we need a change. Change of hairstyle, job change, change of the environment we live in. Some of these changes are easy to make, some are difficult, and for some of those we just do not have enough spare time.

When was the last time you did something for your backyard? Is it the oasis of peace and comfort you once imagined it to be? We know it is difficult to dedicate your precious free time to such an extensive undertaking as full backyard renovation tends to be, however, in this article we will propose five things you can do in your backyard without too much fuss and still achieve a wonderful, refreshing effect.

1) Redesign your barbecue area

The main theme of this proposition will be using old materials, or the materials which you already have lying around, to create a new look and feel for your backyard. In that spirit, consider the possibilities: your old washing machine drum can act as a great base for an improvised barbecue. Not only that you will be able to add a grill and have it ready for all kinds of meat and veggies, you will also be able to fit a large cauldron for making stews.

2) Make a rock garden

If you live near a sea coast, then this will take zero effort. If not, then just remember this the next time you go to improve your tan and drink margaritas. Stones are a great decorating element and are known to look great in gardens. But hear the whole idea. Divide your garden into two parts, and in one part organize a couple of circular, stone flower beds.

3) Make a tyre garden

Now it is time to do something with the space we saved in the previous tip. Find a couple of old tyres and place them in the other part of the garden, creating more flower beds. The circular stone shapes will look great together with the naturally circular tyres, creating a cool “designy” effect.

4) Redesign your patio as an extension of your interior

A number of things which once used to be somewhere in your living room must now be stored in your shed or in the attic, lonely and forgotten, never to be used again. How about you give them a second life on your patio? An old chest of drawers for your garden glassware and tools? If your patio has a roof, what about an old rug below the table and chairs?

5) Add some life to your backyard

And in the end, how about you add some movement? Maybe it is about time to get a pet. A dog would just love to use all that wonderful enclosed space you have at your disposal. Just make sure you train it not to destroy your stone and tyre gardens. We do not want our fifth tip to cancel out the previous ones.

Author bio: Mark Osbourne is a blogger and a writer, but above everything he likes to tinker with things, make something new out of something old, and even the other way around if there is a need. Be sure that he sees more uses for tyres than you.


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