Guide to Keeping Your Heating Happy During Autumn and Winter

When it comes to ensuring your heating does not suffer any issues during Autumn or Winter, there are several points to consider. In the first instance, it is vitally important that your home is warm and comfortable during these particular periods. After all you will be consuming plenty of heating, especially at the coldest parts of the year .In addition to this; you should make sure that your boiler is in tip top condition in order to avoid any other problems. But what else can you do to guarantee your heating solutions?


It is essential that you make the necessary checks to your heating system. This is because you don’t want to be left with no heat which may lead to number of different ailments. In this way you should;

• Call on the services of an engineer to make sure your heating is working correctly.
• Bleed all of your radiators naturally so that no air is able to escape.
• Identify if there is anything strange going on in terms of your heating system.


It is also important that you are able to test your heating system accordingly. This means that you are fully prepared for the colder weather, whilst at the same time;

• Making sure that your heating will not break down all of a sudden.
• Testing your heating a few times before the colder weather sets in.
• Tightening up any loose valves so that no issues develop.


At the end of the day you don’t really want to run your heating all day in an ideal situation. It doesn’t matter if you own Cast iron radiators or convector style radiators. Therefore, the best solution is to set a timer for your heating to run on a daily basis. This can be done thanks to;

• Setting your thermostat to when you want the heating to switch on and off.
• Adjusting the times throughout the day when you want the heating to be on according to your specific needs.
• Having the ability to change your heating settings with seamless ease.

Holiday mode

One of the easiest ways to manage your heating during the colder months is holiday mode. This is especially the case if you are away for a period of time. By setting up holiday mode, you will be able to;

• Control the heating in your home even when you are on vacation.
• Alleviate your fears about your heating system breaking down in the blink of an eye.
• Set the system for number of days and ensuring it will revert back on your return.


If you are looking to invest in your heating then there is no point in purchasing a cheap system. There will not only be more issues but you will be left without any warmth over the colder months. Things to look out for include;

• Buying a boiler from a reputable brand that is durable and long lasting.
• Putting your trust in a trustworthy company who are renowned for making excellent boilers.
• Undertaking research to find the best brand of boiler at the lowest price.


There are other options available in the forms of taking boiler insurance. This will cover you in case of any situation which may arise as far as your heating is concerned. Some of the aspects that you will be covered for include;

• Any type of repair if your heating breaks down.
• A dedicated engineer who will be able to come to your home.
• No call out charge in case of an emergency.
• All of the parts not to mention labour guaranteed.
• Different types of packages to suit your individual needs.
• A level of continuous maintenance.


There are some companies who will be able to offer wireless heating systems. This could certainly work to your advantage and offers plenty of accessibility in controlling your system. You can have the chance to switch your system on and off from anywhere in the home. Furthermore, you can have the ability to modify the settings and is extremely accessible for controlling your entire heating system.

As you can clearly see, if you think carefully then you can ensure your heating remains at its best the whole year round.


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