Essential Kitchenware For The Modern Bachelor

Bachelors have come a long way from the days of microwave meals and takeaway pizza, and thanks to the popularity of food shows and celebrity chefs, you’ll find many men attempting to impress with their culinary skills. With the number of people living alone on the rise, and people getting married later in life, it’s common for men to live on their own for longer, and this means having to learn a lot more domestic skills. However, many people who live alone have limited kitchen facilities, and may be too busy to cook from scratch, so here are a few essential kitchen items for the modern bachelor so that they can make healthy meals with minimal fuss.

Knives and cutting boards

If you don’t want to come down with a case of scurvy; fresh fruit and vegetables are essential, and that means having the right tools to prepare them. Invest in a decent knife set and it will last throughout the years, and a full set will include:

  • Chefs knife – For preparing vegetables
  • Cleaver – For meat and tough jobs
  • Paring knife – For coring and jobs where you need a flexible blade
  • Bread knife
  • Steak knives

In addition to this you should have a knife block to keep them tidy and out the way, plus some chopping boards for different jobs such as poultry, vegetables, and dairy items.

Skillet or griddle pan

Whether you need to cook a steak, sautée some vegetables, or grill a salmon fillet, a cast iron skillet or griddle plan is ideal for many different jobs. Because it has an iron handle, you can take it from the stovetop to under the grill, or even use it in the oven; just remember to use a glove or tea towel when you grab the handle.

Essential utensils

A few utensils can handle the majority of jobs around the kitchen, so you don’t need endless gadgets for each job. Choose a spatula, serving spoon, and ladle in stainless steel and it’ll be easier to clean, as well as avoiding any accidental meltdowns that can happen with plastic. When you are choosing your kitchen utensils it’s best to think about your favourite dishes to make, and what you’ll need to prepare and serve them. Many bachelors like to have salad tongs, kitchen scissors, and a whisk on hand, and a measuring jug and mixing bowls are essential if you plan to be baking or making things from scratch.

Serving dishes

You’ll no doubt have friends round once in a while, or want to impress a potential partner, and this means having spare plates, cutlery, and a few serving dishes to suit the food you are preparing. With 86% of women saying they are impressed by cooking skills, it’s essential that you have the tools to make dinner for two, and that doesn’t include cold chinese food.

Make sure you also have some wine glasses and tumblers for serving drinks when people come round. The modern bachelor would never resort to plastic or having friends drinking wine from a mug. Making cocktails is also becoming more popular amongst bachelors who have seen a few too many retro dramas, and a shaker, stirrer, and muddler are all you need to make most stylish drinks.

If you are facing the prospect of being a bachelor who lives alone, then getting a few kitchen essentials together will make your life so much easier. It means that you can save money on takeaways and eating out, and can impress your friends or partner with a home cooked meal.


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