Three Reasons to Hire a Professional Solar Panel Cleaner

If you have solar cells on your Sydney home or office, you might be wondering what to do if they get dirty. With a build-up of dust, grime and other debris, the efficiency of your photovoltaic panels can gradually decrease over time. This means you’ll receive less power on the premises which can eventually put you in some serious difficulties!

Thus, it’s important to clean these panels on a regular basis. Even if you’re in an area with heavy average rainfall, you may find that your PV cells aren’t completely clean after a downpour. Instead of cleaning these panels by yourself though, we recommend that you hire the help of a professional. They’ll help make these green fixtures spotless without any of the following risks.

1) Working at Heights Is Dangerous

As your solar panels are likely on the roof of your home or office, cleaning them will involve getting up there. This can put you at risk though, especially if you don’t have the right type of equipment. As Safe Work Australia states, “around 26 workers fall to their deaths each year and nearly 8,000 others are injured” when working at heights. To avoid becoming one of these statistics, you should hire someone with the skills, equipment and experience in this area. They will safely clean your solar panels without any risk, whether they:

  • Can clean your PV cells from the ground using telescopic poles
  • Have to climb up to the roof to clean those hard-to-reach panels

These specialists will have the training and Australian accreditation to prove they can work at heights without danger. In this way, you can boost the efficiency of your solar cells without adding any risk to yourself.

2) Avoid Breaking Your Panels

There’s also the danger of you actually damaging your solar panels while you’re cleaning them. The glass covering of these fixtures can be easily broken in a number of different ways. For instance, they can crack:

  • If you step on them during cleaning
  • If you drop something on them
  • If you use cold water in hot weather

The latter cause of breakage is due to something called thermal downshock. In layman’s terms, this is when a rapid change in temperatures causes layers of glass to expand at different rates. This stress can crack the panels and destroy your solar cells.

Thus, it’s important to get someone to clean your photovoltaic panels instead. By choosing to hire an expert, you can then eliminate dirt and grime without having to worry about damaging your roof fixtures. These specialists will have the knowledge and abilities to remove all debris without putting your expensive solar cells at risk.

3) Guarantee a Proper Clean

Lastly, by hiring a solar cell cleaning expert, you’ll guarantee the efficiency of your photovoltaic panels will be completely restored. If you attempt this on your own, you might not be able to get rid of the dirt completely. You might also affect the panels by using the wrong cleaning products and techniques. As there are also safety considerations to make and those without the right safety gear should always hire a professional to clean their solar panels. Here, your chosen expert will ensure a thorough clean in a number of different ways, some of which are listed below:

  • Using the right type of equipment
  • Cleaning at the proper time of day
  • Avoiding harsh, abrasive products
  • Washing with sediment-free water

The top specialists will know precisely how to clean your solar cells without the risk of leaving soapy, mineral deposits on the glass. Using the proper products and equipment, they will leave your panels sparkling and ready to tap into the abundance of green solar energy found in Sydney.

In the same way you should get a professional to handle the window cleaning in Sydney, you should always hire a third party expert to come and clean your solar panels too. If you attempt this task on your own, you increase the risk of falls, broken cells and leftover grime. Avoid the headache and eliminate the hassle by contacting a Sydney solar cell cleaner today. They’ll know exactly what to do to restore the photovoltaic efficiency and get rid of unwanted dirt without putting themselves or your property at risk.


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