Fences Don’t Have to Ruin Your Home’s Aesthetics

Fencing serves a practical purpose for residential plots. They delineate the property, keep animals in and also help to deter intruders. However, far too many fences provide these benefits in exchange for an unfortunate aesthetic trade-off. Simply put: they don’t look nearly as good as they ought to.

However, it doesn’t have to be this way. If you are about to install a new fence, it is worth taking time to shop around for a product that both functions well and improves the overall aesthetic of your property.

But even if you have an ageing fence around your property, there is plenty to be said for giving it an aesthetic makeover. In fact, a light cosmetic lift typically costs much less than a new install. With that in mind, here are some tips for boosting your fence’s aesthetic appeal:

  1. Power wash wood before staining.

One of the most popular ways to refresh old fencing is applying new stain. It is important that you give the fence a thorough power washing before you proceed with a new layer of stain. Only a pressure washer will be able to remove years’ worth of grime, oil, paint and old stain.

Any professional fencing company is going to insist on power washing the fence before applying a new coat of stain. However, if you decide to handle the job yourself, you will also need to rent a pressure washer to prepare the fence before you proceed.

  1. Better yet, leave staining to the professionals.

Homeowners with a strong do-it-yourself spirit often assume that they can save some cash by re-staining an old fence themselves. There are two problems with this approach. To begin with, the professionals use spray applicators that end up using much less stain in the process. Considering the sticker price attached to a standard bucket of stain, wastage ends up being expensive.

But that’s only part of the equation. Handling your own fence-staining project with a roller or hand brush is a sweaty, time-consuming job. That’s valuable time that you could have spent on holiday or – if nothing else – enjoying your newly fenced-in garden.

  1. Keep your neighbours’ fences in mind.

In most suburban neighbourhoods in the Western world – whether in Europe, Australia or North America – housing plots are going to share extensive perimeters. For that reason, it becomes important to install fencing that blends with that of your neighbours.

Suppose you are shopping around for fencing in Sydney. Your ultimate decision will most likely be subject to the governance of a housing association or local regulatory agency. Talk to your neighbours first to see if they are interested in undertaking a similar project for their own property. In many cases, companies that install fences in neighbourhoods like this will offer group discounts, so it’s certainly worth looking into the possibility of a neighbourhood-wide fencing project.

  1. Try painting old fencing.

In some cases, a fresh layer of paint is all it takes to revitalising an ageing fence. This is an especially useful trick for chain link fencing, which suffers from a drab, industrial aesthetic to begin with. A bit of colour goes a long way toward livening up the scene.

Choosing the right colour can be tricky. The best-looking fences are generally those that blend with the surroundings. If you are fencing in a lush garden area, green fencing will blend in nicely. Beyond that, here’s an article with tips on choosing the best colour for your fencing.

  1. Install wooden slats.

This is another handy DIY approach to boosting the aesthetics of a chain link fence. Affixing wooden slats to a standard fence can make it look a bit more rustic or even old-fashioned, and doing so is not going to cost (quite) as much as installing a real wood picket fence. This is more of a workaround than a real solution, as it will admittedly look a bit hobbled together. However, it is still an improvement over the look of a standard chain link fence.


Above all, the most important thing that you can do is consult the professionals as early in the process as possible. This ensures that you are aware of the products available to you from the outset.


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