Ways To Make Your Appliances More Efficient

No one wants to dread their energy bills each and every month, and one of the best ways to cut costs is to take a fresh look at appliances. Appliances throughout the home can consume an exceptional amount of gas, water, and electricity, and this is one reason that every homeowner should take a look at these four simple ways to keep their devices running as efficiently as possible.

Keep Them Clean

Giving appliances a thorough cleaning once or twice a month may seem like a pesky chore, but it is one of the easiest ways to keep energy bills down. Any appliances that accumulate dust or are designed to heat or cool foods should be kept as clean as possible. This is especially important for refrigerators and ovens, each of which will consume an incredible amount of energy when their cooling coils, heating elements, and walls are plastered in food or other debris.

Adjust Their Position for Better Airflow

Most appliances throughout the home have some form of exhaust system and it is important to position the device for maximum airflow. When the air intake or exhaust is blocked, it will overwork the moving parts, increase energy bills, and increase the likelihood of a breakdown. The most important appliances to take a look at include clothes dryers, refrigerators, microwaves, and smaller technology such as desktop computers and televisions.

Service Them Yearly

Most major appliances throughout the home should be serviced at least once a year depending on how frequently they are used and their age. The biggest energy consumers within the home, the cooler and heater, should be serviced well before they are needed that year according to Just In Time Furnace Inc., a company that does furnace cleaning in Calgary. A professional maintenance company can increase their efficiency by repairing cracks, topping off fluid levels, checking their running temperature, making adjustments to lines, lubing moving parts, and replacing air filters.

Update Whenever Possible

For most families, it will not be practical to replace every appliance in the home with a high-efficiency product, but these devices will save quite a bit of money in the long run. Whenever an appliance is no longer working correctly or a new one is needed, homeowners should consider upgrading to high-efficiency products. Even a single upgrade such as a high-efficiency thermostat could cut heating and cooling costs by 3 percent or more.

Homeowners have enough to worry about without growing energy bills during the coldest winter months and warmest summer months. Luckily, all it may take is a few minor adjustments to keep appliances running smoothly and efficiently.


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