DIY Home Improvements To Increase Value Of Your Property

home-renovationYou probably know this yourself, but it won’t hurt to remind you – the housing market isn’t very good these days for house sellers.  And even though from time to time, you think about selling your house and buying a new one, you would be wise to stop and choose just the right moment to make such a big and important step. However, if you’re in a rush to sell, there’s no better time than the present. Here are few things that you can do to increase the value of your home and maybe even make a profit.

Before putting a house on the market you would be wise to ensure that your house presents the best possible picture to prospective buyers. Of course, you can always hire professional contractors to make any necessary changes instead of making them yourself, but that’s not the point. The point, and the topic of this article, is what you can do yourself to get the maximum results from the minimum budget.

Square footage of the house is one of the things that are difficult to change without a major dollar investment, but you can visually expand it.  Knock out a non-structural wall, and create the open floor plan for instance. This is what buyers are looking for these days. It’s simple, and it gives your house a new and updated look.  Reconsider the need for the kitchen island.  If you have enough space in the existing kitchen cabinets, remove the island and make more open space.

Repaint the house with more neutral colors. This will make it easier to accent your furniture.  You’ll be surprised at what the house will look like, with your new color scheme! It will be much more lively and tempting to potential buyers.  Accenting some details with a darker color is great idea; just make sure you don’t overdo it.

A key to a cozy and comfortable atmosphere in the house is good lighting.  It’s preferable that the house lighting is as natural as it is possible.  Make sure that every window can open.  If it’s stuck, fix it.  Installing light switch dimmers is easy, and there is no bad place to install one.  Beside the varying moods you can achieve with dimmed lights, it will help you consume less energy and pay less for electricity bills.  Installing skylight windows is a fairly substantial investment, but don’t worry. Nowadays you can buy and install sun tubes and get more natural light into your house with a much smaller investment.

The bathroom is also one of the key spaces of the house that can attract or discourage potential buyers.  No, you don’t have to remodel it from scratch.  It’s usually enough to make some minor and inexpensive changes.  Replace your old fixtures with new and energy efficient ones.  Reface or repaint your old bathroom cabinets.  Fix the scratches on the bathtub and sink with one of the DIY kits that can be found on the market.

The same rule applies in the kitchen.  Replace old fixtures and reface or repaint kitchen cabinets if necessary.  Install new decorative lighting.  You might even consider changing out some of your current appliances with the new ones.  The unwritten rule is that everything invested in the kitchen pays back equally.

Inspect the house.  Rewire what needs to be rewired.  Check and fix the plumbing if it’s needed.  Bad wiring and plumbing can decrease the home’s value significantly.

Instead of re-flooring the whole house, you may be able to just re-do certain areas.  Putting adequate rugs and floor covers will improve the overall look and help you set a higher price.

Let’s think outside of the house for the moment.

Don’t forget that potential buyers are coming through your front yard to reach the house. An overgrown and messy lawn may turn away potential with a negative first impression before they even enter your home. Planting a tree is always a good idea, but be wise and choose some of the species which don’t need to be watered daily. Exotic trees look nice, but the maintenance cost is too high and that’s why they shouldn’t be your first choice.

Replacing the front door with a new one will give your house a complete new look, and increase its market value.

In case you have a hard time coming up with ideas, you can always hire an interior designer consultant who can help you and give you some useful and profitable advice.

Damian Wolf is a writer and a DIY home improvement hobbyist. When his busy schedule allows, Damian enjoys working on small improvement or renovation projects around his home. For those purposes, he usually uses his all-time favorite cordless power tools.


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