Guess What This Steamy Video Is Really Selling

Talk about a teaser. The first 30 seconds of the YouTube video above are all sexy shots of a leggy brunette in a black bikini and stilettos. The camera lingers on her, um, assets; music swells and drowns out the narrator saying something about a “beautiful queen,” “stature over the sand,” yadda, yadda, yadda.

Just when you think (hoped) you’ve stumbled onto something really naughty, you discover the video is really a spot for a Fort Lauderdale, Florida, penthouse with a $6.49 million price tag. Talk about letdown

— unless wide shots of ocean views and a wrap-around terrace turn you on.Group Meeting in Caesarea. Model: Peri Dayan

“She’s the ruler of the penthouse, the home in the sky,” says listing agent Samantha “Sam” DeBianchi, a “Million Dollar Listing Miami” star and the creative genius behind the video. “A lot of people will watch her. But the point is you’re seeing the view and capturing the whole unit.”

Ah, that’s the point.

“It’s a panty-dropper,” DeBianchi says … about the condo.

The condo is an 11,477-square-foot penthouse billed as the largest on the market in Fort Lauderdale. It includes five bedrooms, panoramic views of the ocean, city and Intracoastal Waterway, four parking spots, a private cabana, and 8,000 square feet of additional rooftop space.

The condo has been on and off the market since 2009, when it was selling for $12 million — a steal for a comparable Miami property, but too steep for the Fort Lauderdale market.

DeBianchi recently took over marketing the property, which is empty. The owner wouldn’t spring for $200,000 to stage it, and the standard 360-degree video tour of an empty apartment would be a snooze. So DeBianchi figured a steamy video, which cost only $15,000, would underscore the condo’s “sexiness” and seduce buyers.

Is it working?

“It got a lot of people’s attention,” DeBianchi told AOL. “And now that we’re at $6.49 million, we’re getting a lot of action.”

Source: AOL Real Estate Blog


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