Add Value to Your Home: Simple Projects Any Homeowner can Tackle


rp_house_flippers.jpgThere are a few simple ways for homeowners to increase the value of their home without spending a ton of money. Whether you’re trying to sell your home now, or want to improve the value of your home slowly over time, these small fixes and upgrades will show big returns when you decide to sell.

1. Front Door

The entry to the home is the first thing that people see when they drive up to the house. This area should have a huge, positive impact. The easiest way to increase the value of the home is with a new front door and entry space. A new front door, a matching bench and plants will create a welcoming space for visitors.

2. Garage Door

The garage door should match the front door in terms of overall style and color. This creates a uniform landscape that is eye-catching and pleasing. There’s nothing more jarring than a mish-mash of colors and designs outside the home. The front of the home should be a clue of what’s inside the home. A jarring exterior will make buyers wary about what’s inside.

3. Low Maintenance Landscaping

At the front door entry, there should be plants or shrubs that will spice up the space. There should also be low maintenance plants in the path leading up to the home. It’s another detail that adds curb appeal to the home. If you don’t want to deal with plants and flowers, consider putting adding rock with a unique piece like a fountain or other lawn decorations. This will make your home yard look well-cared for without having to worry about watering or gardening.

4. Simple Paint Job

There’s no need to get crazy with paint choices. A neutral palette will do a lot to increase the value of the home. It spruces up the home with a crisp new paint job in all the rooms. It’s relatively inexpensive. The painting equipment can be reused for the entire home. All the homeowner needs is gallons of paint.

5. Window Updates

New windows can make any home look more updated and clean, and they can also save you in energy bills. New buyers look for energy-efficient items in the home, and windows are one of the best places to save. Customized windows with unique designs can compliment any home.

6. Kitchen Fixes

The biggest changes can occur in the kitchen. They are the ones that can add the most value to the home too. The kitchen is one of the most important rooms to home buyers. You don’t have to replace all your cabinets to see a big impact here. The faces of the cabinets might need updating. A homeowner can remove the cabinet doors and refinish them, or remove the doors and order new doors. This minor change can have a huge impact on the value of the kitchen.

Many of the projects here will take a weekend or two to complete and shouldn’t cost much for a homeowner to complete.

Informational credit to Moncada Windows Doors & Siding.