New vs pre-owned houses: The advantages of getting a brand new house


new-home-vs-old-home1When it comes to investing into a property, there are lots of big decisions that will need to be made and often one of the biggest is choosing between a brand new home or a pre-owned one. Many people think that they can’t afford to get their own home built but as many reputable building companies will be happy to point out – the cost of building a new property isn’t always more than buying an existing one, so it is worth looking into as an option.

There are certainly some advantages to buying a pre-owned house, such as not having to wait for it to be built, but the many benefits of investing in a new house vastly outweigh these. Perth new homes built by a reputable building company are a fantastic way to invest money into property and it is the same in most major cities around the world, where the financial benefits of owning a property can be a good financial investment into people’s futures.

New Homes

Buying a new home doesn’t necessarily mean getting one built, as some companies will build and sell new homes without doing it to the exact spec of the buyer and rather by following a spec that the building company have designed. This means that there is no need to worry about having to make 1001 decisions about what should be done, where and how as the property will already be built.

Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of buying a new property:

  • Everything is brand new, so the chances of having a problem with the structure is low
  • Maintenance responsibilities are reduced to general cleaning
  • New floors mean no need to do anything to the flooring for years
  • If built to a modern spec, the property will be well insulated, so there is no need to worry about getting double glazing installed or having work done to the roof to make it better insulated
  • The security will be of a high standard, as the property will likely include a burglar alarm and security lighting
  • It will be environmentally friendly
  • There is a lot of choice, making it easier to find something suitable

Everything is clean and spotless, so there won’t be any nasty surprises such as grease hiding under the oven in the kitchen or leaky taps in the bathroom.

No Property Chain

The most obvious benefit of buying a brand new home is that there is no property chain involved, so the buying process is a lot simpler. Brand new homes in Perth by Pottier Homes are a great example of the type of new property that is well worth investing in, as it is vital to use a reputable building company to avoid any potential problems.

Lastly, the re-sale value of a brand new home is much higher than a property that has been sold on lots of times making it an overall great value for money investment.