President Trump’s border wall reportedly facing hurdles


President Trump’s promised border wall appears to be facing some significant challenges.

Funding continues to be a major issue, with CNN reporting that estimates for the extended barrier range from around $15 billion to more than $21 billion.

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Mexico has continually refused to pay for the wall despite Trump’s promises, and even Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell told Politico that he didn’t think that would happen.

According to the media outlet, while federal agencies have reportedly been tasked with finding money in their budgets to help fund the project, only about $20 million has been located this way thus far.

Meanwhile, the Wall Street Journal has pointed out opposition from a growing number of Texas Republicans who have voiced support for an alternative mix of security measures including fencing, technology, and staffing due to the variable border terrain.

Republicans in other states have expressed reservations about the wall’s cost in general, but Politico speculates some are also concerned about being re-elected in areas with large Hispanic populations.

Nevertheless, White House press secretary Sean Spicer told reporters on Friday that Trump is still behind the wall and “…he’s going to fulfill that pledge.”