Twinkies cappuccinos are now a thing


By Emily Drooby, Buzz60

We’ve combined so many things – Doritos and tacos, macaroni and cheese and Cheetos – but this might be one of the best combinations of all time.

Cappuccino’s and Twinkies.

Yes, Twinkies Cappuccinos now exist!


According to Cosmopolitan the treat tastes like a combination of milk, sponge cake and a hint of coffee.

Kerry Convenience has paired up with Twinkies to create the sweet beverage that will eventually be dispensed in convenience stores across the country.

And if you live in a Northeastern location with a Sheetz near you, you’re in luck – because that’s the only place you can find this fantastic new blend.

However according to Refinery29 – they plan doing a nationwide rollout in a few weeks.

Wow – this really is the sweetest comeback ever.