The world’s healthiest people eat lots of pasta


By Sean Dowling, Buzz60

Olives, wine and tons of pasta are apparently the ingredients to living a long life.

Italians are the world’s healthiest people, according to a new ranking by Bloomberg of the healthiest countries.

Newborns can expect to live to be in their 80’s while babies born in countries at the bottom of the list usually die in their early 50’s.


Bloomberg based the ranking on variables such as life expectancy, causes of death, obesity, alcoholism and access to clean water.

Despite almost 40% of young Italians being out of work in a struggling economy, they’re the healthiest.

A lot of it has to do with the Mediterranean diet which is loaded with fresh veggies, olive oil, pasta and fish.

Italy’s healthcare system also keeps people around longer with free universal access, as well as being a country with a lot of doctors.

Iceland, Switzerland, Singapore and Australia round out the top five healthiest countries on the index.

The list contained 163 countries with the U.S. ending up in 34th place out of the top 50 healthiest countries, behind Cuba and Costa Rica.

Obesity was a big factor for Americans.

America tips the scale as one of the world’s fattest nations, according to the rankings.

Not exactly something anyone wants to come in first place for.