John Kasich: I ‘just don’t see’ running for president again


Coming off an unsuccessful presidential bid last year, John Kasich is now saying he has no plans to run for public office again.

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The Ohio governor was asked by CNN’s Dana Bash if he planned on going up against President Trump in 2020. Kasich said “no,” adding, “I just don’t see it.”

In fact, Kasich says he’s not “really interested in running for public office again.”


Since the two-term governor dropped out of the Republican presidential race in 2016, he’s been working on a book and has made it a point to stay in the political spotlight.

But Kasich quickly and bluntly shut down Bash when she asked if he might run again on “State of the Union.”

Fellow 2016 election loser was recently in the news after a report said the former Maryland governor polled caucus voters in Iowa about a possible 2020 presidential run.

O’Malley got less than 1 percent of the vote in Democratic primary before dropping out after a dismal showing in Iowa.