Co-renters Now Have Access to the Tenant Portal – New Feature

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Co-renter Tenant Portal New updates to the Rentec Direct Tenant Portal give co-renters access to the Tenant Portal to pay rent, submit maintenance requests, review statements, and receive notices.

The Tenant Portal is your renters’ connection to you and their rental property. The Tenant Portal is accessed via the Resident Connect mobile app.  

Resident Connect is a mobile app of the Rentec Direct Tenant Portal. Through the app, your renters can pay their rent online, submit maintenance requests, review statements, and check property notices. The Resident Connect mobile app also gives your renters access to a File Library, where you can share copies of lease agreements, notices, addendum, and more.

Your renters can also log into the Tenant Portal from their web browser by visiting and clicking Login, or directly by going to

What’s a co-renter?

When you set up your properties in Rentec Direct, you have the option to group your tenants together and move them into a single property.* With this grouped tenant system, you select one tenant as the master tenant and the remaining tenants are referred to as co-renters.

Prior to the release of the new Co-renter Tenant Portal, the master tenant was the only one who had access to the Tenant Portal.  The master tenant would be solely responsible for reporting all maintenance requests in the Portal and needed to pay the total rent amount if using one of the convient online rent payment options.

The Co-renter Tenant Portal

New updates now give co-renters access to the Tenant Portal with their own login credentials.

Landlords and property managers can set up co-renters with access to the Tenant Portal the same way one would enable access to the Tenant Portal for a master tenant.

Follow these instructions for how to enable access to the Tenant Portal: Tenant Portals

Note: If your master tenant is associated with more than one property, any co-renters grouped with that master tenant will not have access to the Tenant Portal.  This is a rare situation and does not affect most Rentec Direct clients.

Now that grouped co-renters have access to the Tenant Portal they can participate in paying the rental amount listed on the shared ledger.  We recommend the property manager or landlord configure the settings to allow any amount vs. pay full rent or balance.  If you wish to require all tenants to pay the full rent amount due each month we recommend setting up your co-renters with separate ledgers vs. grouped together.  

The new features of the Tenant Portal which support co-renter access was developed thanks to client feedback. We are very excited about the added flexibility the new Co-renter portal offers you and your tenants!

*Rentec Direct provides work-arounds to the grouped tenant system, including adding each tenant separately and assigning specific rent amounts on a per tenant bases, rather than a total rent due amount. If you would like to learn more contact

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