How to Create Stairs That Get Stares

How to Create Stairs That Get Stares

Your stairs obviously serve a great purpose in providing transport from one floor to another, but that doesn’t mean you have to settle for them only being utilitarian. Perhaps you haven’t considered making changes to this feature of your home—but you may once you see these creative ideas.

Paint Them

“Can you paint stairs?” The short answer: Yes! Painted stairs are a budget-friendly way to replace the nasty carpet on your staircase,” said Knock It Off Kim. “Painting stairs with a faux stair runner will completely transform your staircase for just pennies!”

These painted stairs give you the look of a runner but with vivid hues you can bring to life with a stop at Home Depot. “We can’t think of a better way to return after a long, hard day at work than being greeted by these bright blue and yellow stairs from Pufik,” said The Spruce. “We love the faux carpet runner look created by the deep blue block coloring. Plus, the deep color is a great way to hide marks and dirt without a lot of elbow grease.”

If you don’t think painting the surfaces on which you step is the best option for you, you don’t have to ditch the paint brush. Painting just the risers, and not the treads, can bring in interest. We love this numbered look from The Vintage Round Top. There are several other options for using stencils to create a modern patterned look on the risers.

Adding Storage

The area under your stairs is just wasted space. Why not turn it into useful storage? These pull-out drawers offer a place to hang coats and place shoes. But they’re just the start of what you can accomplish by reclaiming the space under the stairs. How about these bookshelves under the stairs that bring function and flair.

This lake house is gorgeous from top to bottom, but scroll down to photo 12 to see the charming reading nook that was created out of dead space. A dog house under the stairs is the ultimate space for your pooch. Or, turn it into a place for the kids to play.

Modernizing and Opening Up

Removing traditional stiar posts and adding glass panels can make a huge impact on your space, making it feel more contemporary. It can also make a small, closed-in space feel larger. “When space is at a premium, a single newel and cleverly angled diminishing glass allows the balustrade to finish against the ceiling allowing the full width of the stairway to be maintained to add sparkle and light into a small space,” said Abbott-Wade.

Get Crafty

This Stella McCartney store is full of beautiful ideas using wooden blocks, but they’re especially chic on the staircase.

Go Temporary

You can get a stylish look without the permanence by going the peel-and-stick route. Lay on these Scandia decals and you’ll have a whole new look in minutes.


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