Has Your Marketing Content Become Stale?

Has Your Marketing Content Become Stale?

How do you ensure your marketing content remains fresh, on-point, and
strategic to attract target prospects and clients, buyers or sellers?

Does your marketing receive regular complete overhauls? Or, do time
pressures only allow for the periodic makeover of one or two content
sections? On the other hand, you may simply rearrange existing content
with little more than headline changes. Or, do your marketing efforts
fall somewhere in between? Regardless of the approach you take, why are
you confident your marketing content and strategies resonate with your
select target market?

Answer this on-point “YES or NO” Quick Quiz to clarify where you
stand regarding content creation:

1. Is there really anything new to say about buying and selling real estate? YES/NO

2. Is there anything that buyers and sellers haven’t heard already? YES/NO

3. Is there truly something different about the way you, as a real
estate professional, work with real estate prospects, buyers, and sellers? YES/NO

Real estate professionals who want to create magnetic, engaging real
estate content for their target market must answer each of these three
key questions above with a resounding “YES.”

Professionals who answer one or all of the questions above with “NO”
will not only produce stale content, but they may also find other
aspects of their practice and their productivity lacking

1. If real estate professionals cannot continually see “new”
perspectives in buying and selling real estate, how can they stay fresh
and eager enough on a daily basis to attract prospects and retain clients?

2. Professionals who don’t believe there is a lot that buyers and
sellers will benefit from hearing about real estate, may not radiate
enthusiasm and, as a result, may not be as productive or resourceful as
necessary to build a sustainable practice and achieve long-term
financial goals for themselves and their clients.

3. A professional, who does not clearly see how to uniquely serve the
niche of buyers and/or sellers this professional wants to zero in on,
cannot expect target prospects and clients to see any difference between
this professional and the rest of the real estate “pack.”

Fresh, target-relevant content demands insightful perspectives and
deep, accurate knowledge on many levels, but always from the target’s
point of view.

Are you in the right frame of mind to create great content for the
buyers and sellers you aim to serve? Professionals who decide to hire
custom content developers or to buy stock content, must also know
exactly what targets need and why.

How do you measure the effectiveness of your marketing
content? Buyers and sellers expect their selected real estate
professionals to continually prove and improve their value. Marketing
content, in any format or on any social media platform, must meet the
same target value demands. How do you measure ROI (Return on
Investment) on your marketing efforts, for you and your clients?

How regularly do you update your Brand Profile? Fresh,
engaging language, concepts, and offers are essential to keep your brand
uppermost in the minds of target buyers and sellers. Don’t follow
your competition into trends-lead your targets.

Have you recently updated the selected target buyer and
seller profiles or personas you concentrate your business efforts
on? Do your target profiles and content on each social media
platform synch up, but remain distinct and in keeping with each specific
platform? Is your content an engaging, thought-provoking mirror of
target issues?

What process and systems do you use to efficiently recycle
and refresh content across selected social and traditional media? Do
you have a documented marketing strategy that transforms blog posts into
email newsletters, then into YouTube videos and interactive webinars, or
whatever media your targets prefer? What criteria do you use to
decide when to employ your own content creation skills and when to hire
proven expertise?

As well as consistently improving content development, professionals
benefit from becoming progressively more sophisticated, more refined,
more elegant in their communication techniques, approaches, and

Here’s an example of clever email content that lets target clients
convince themselves of the value of the content developer, while quickly
and simply revealing what targets are doing right and what more they can
do for themselves. A lot is packed into one 7-page, graphic-rich
publication. Does it inspire you to tackle something similar to reveal
your value while giving your targets opportunities to measure their
ability to be excellent buyers or sellers working in their own best

New-York-based content developer, Contently, recently
produced “The Contently Content Maturity Model” as email
marketing content.
Disclaimer: Although I have met some Contently staff, I do not have a
working relationship with the company, nor am I their client or they

• The Model reveals how, as Strategy, Technology, and
Process improve, this leads to “significant improvements in efficiency,
data use, and collection, and alignment across teams.”
• The checklist of “major attributes that represent your maturity
at each [of four] phases” reveals what you don’t do and should when it
comes to content development, and what Contently does for their
• The strong sales pitch is in plain sight. Does it seem balanced
by valuable content to you? If not, you may not be the selected target.

For more, visit PJ Wade’s “What’s Your Point?” blog.


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