Pamper Yourself With Some At-Home Spa Procedures

Busy moms work hard all week. They tackle the daily chores, gets the kids to games, and put dinner on the table. There’s nothing like taking time for yourself. How does a day at the spa sound? A day at the spa can be great for your health. You can lower your blood pressure and relieve stress. Are you on a limited budget? Many people may not have the time or money to visit their local spa, but there’s a solution. You can get a great spa treatment at home with many DIY procedures that are easier than you think. The following guide makes it easy for you to pamper yourself without ever leaving home.

Great Spa Treatment Procedures From Home

Facial Care

You can skip the mud mask from the store by creating your own. Determine the type of mask you will create based your dry, oily, or combination skin type. Simple ingredients for an at-home mud mask will include simple ingredients like hot water (not boiling), oatmeal, honey, egg whites, and herbs. Mix enough of the ingredients into a bowl to give yourself a full facial. Leave the mask on your face for 5-10 minutes and remove with warm water. (Hint: add mint for a refreshing spa-like feeling afterward).

Foot Therapy

At-home foot therapy is as simple as adding your favorite ingredients to hot water and soaking your feet for up to 25 minutes. Get the water as hot as your skin can tolerate. Simple ingredients to add to the water to release your feet from the grime and help you feel relaxed will include: Epsom salt, rose oil, or any essential oil that you choose. You can also give your feet a scrub with a pumice stone or foot scrub in a circular motion over the troubled areas of your feet. The essential oil will be like aromatherapy while pampering your feet also, right in the comfort of your home. If you have the time, you can use the same technique for your hands. The warm water will actually help your cuticles and cleanse your nails. You can apply your favorite nail polish to your hands and feet for a better at home spa feel made just for you.

Full Body

A full body massage is what everybody is craving after a busy day. Best of all, you can get a body massage without ever leaving home. Find out who others are using or hire a 5-star masseur online. What’s best is you can set the mood at home from the ambiance to the fragrance. You can use aromatherapy, play your favorite music, and relax while you get a full massage to relieve your body of unwanted stress. The best way to start your massage is telling your at-home professional to start with your feet, and work their way up.

What You’ll Need For At Home Spa Therapy

You can find portable massage chairs for sale. It would be advantageous to have your own portable spa table or chair at home, one that you can put away when you are not using it. Did you know you could reduce your massage bills by providing all of your equipment in advance? Your bills could be cheaper when a masseuse doesn’t have to come to you with their own equipment. Providing your own equipment will always lower your bills. Choosing your own table will also let you find the best fit for your comfort levels while getting a full body massage.

Additional at-home spa therapy can include a hair mask, detox water, healthy food, yoga, and meditation. Steaming your pores will also make you feel better from the comforts of your home. You’ll love the way you look and feel by pampering yourself for a day. Plus, avoid disruptions by making this day completely for yourself. Tell your friends and family your plans in advance to avoid any interruptions to the day you set aside. Don’t be afraid to disconnect from your phone by putting it on silent or turning it off. Give yourself the therapy you need to feel better from top to bottom at home.


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