6 Home Improvement Projects You Can Begin Immediately

6 Home Improvement Projects You Can Begin Immediately

There is no better time than the present to begin a planned home improvement project. It is easy to convince yourself you do not have the time, money, or resources needed to begin improving your home. This thought is untrue. There are many home improvement projects you can get started with right now.

Update The Laundry Room

The majority of laundry rooms that need to be upgraded are only in need of a few additional features to be significantly improved. Most of these features can be added or upgraded with minimal construction.

From a practical standpoint, shelves and bins can be added, and a countertop can be built above the washer and dryer to add to the functionality of the laundry room. The appearance of the room can become livelier with the addition of new wallpaper or a few coats of paint.

Normally, homeowners are urged to stay away from plumbing projects. However, an exception can be made for a simple project like installing a new faucet. The trick is to make sure you purchase a new faucet with the number of mounting holes best-suited for the sink. Once you are ready to install the faucet, shut off the water to the sink. Then, you only need to follow the brief instructions that come with the faucet. The entire process is no more complicated than assembling a bookshelf.

Crown Molding

Adding crown molding to the top of door frames and walls or applying the crown molding on wall space located above cabinets can add appeal to your home without a heavy burden on finance or labor. Crown molding not only looks good on walls but will also cover any nicks and dings that are present. Crown molding also provides the home with the custom look that generates interest from homebuyers. A crown molding project can be completed in one weekend with the use of a ladder, nail gun, pain, miter saw, and drop cloth.

Furnace Installation

Installing a furnace yourself is complicated and dangerous. This is something you’ll want to have a professional install because you will need the correct tools and a little knowledge regarding wiring before you get started.

Maximize Kitchen Storage

A wall in your kitchen can be easily optimized for storage with the addition of pegboards; pots, pans, cookware, and utensils can then be hung from the wall. Pegboard can be purchased in a variety of styles and colors so there is no need to purchase paint to give the pegboard the look you desire. Pegboard is great for adding storage space to your kitchen without losing square footage for other uses.

A Bathroom Vanity

A bathroom can be made to appear much more modern by installing a new vanity. The new vanity can also be used to provide the bathroom space with more storage capability and countertop space. The older vanity can be removed without too much trouble and a prefab vanity unit can be purchased and installed. A drill and drywall screws should be used to assure the vanity is securely attached to the wall.

Update Lighting

Modern lighting can make any room appear larger and emit a feeling of warmness. You can accomplish this goal by switching out older fixtures and replacing them with more modern models. There are many stylish replacements to choose from including bronze and copper fixtures. Chandeliers and pendants can also be used to change the feel and look of a room.

Bottom Line

Many homeowners delay the start of a home improvement project due to fears the project will cost more in time and resources than they are able to provide. However, there are a number of improvements all homeowners can make to their home immediately.



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