Top 5 Reasons to Use White Glove Moving Services

Top 5 Reasons to Use White Glove Moving Services

A household move is never easy, no matter whether you are moving within the city or to another state. Add to this the necessity to safely relocate valuable and fragile items, and your household move can turn into a nightmare. The lack of proper organization and knowledge about the right ways of handling and packing breakables and collectibles may lead to disaster that you, however, can easily avoid if you use white glove moving services.

A team of white glove movers can make any relocation a whole lot more efficient, safe, and fast-paced. However, before hiring a moving company you are interested in, take your time to do a background check. Not all white glove moving companies are the same, and not all of them can offer professional art moving services and guarantee safe delivering of your most valuable and fragile belongings with zero damage. Along with that, if you find the right movers, they will take most of the stress associated with the move away from your shoulders. There are several more really good reasons why using white glove moving services makes sense.

Top 5 Reasons to Use White Glove Moving Services

1. Professional packing and unpacking.

White glove movers will arrive at the indicated location with all the needed wrapping and packaging materials to properly pack your possessions the way they deserve. They will also take care of the unpacking and disposal of the unnecessary materials once your property is delivered to your new home.

2. Custom art crating.

Some items, such as valuable paintings and delicate sculptures, need to be crated in durable wooden crates for their safe relocation. A professional white glove moving company will design and manufacture custom crates for each piece of art in full accordance with museum standards and the artwork’s moving requirements.

3. Moving large and bulky items.

Most regular movers do not have experience and capacity to move such large and bulky items as grand pianos, antique furniture, and fitness equipment. White glove movers, on the other hand, can handle any objects, no matter their size and weight. So if you are planning to move oversized items of any kind, using white glove moving services is your best chance to complete the task without injuries and damage.

4. Storage and installation options.

Whether you need a secure place to store your possessions for some time before or after the move, or you need a reliable team to pick up your belongings from the storage facility and deliver them to your new home along with your other items, white glove movers can do it all. Besides, they can assemble your furniture and install your art pieces if necessary.

5. Exceptional customer service.

White glove movers are all trained specialists with extensive experience in moving luxury homes and large estates. They are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service with an emphasis on transparency and efficiency, offering the best moving experience to each and every one of their clients.

Moving is always stressful, but you can make this process as easy and smooth as possible if you use specialist white glove moving services. Professional movers can take the worry out of any move, turning it into an enjoyable experience that you will remember for years to come. 


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