5 Signs That Your Home Needs a New Roof

5 Signs That Your Home Needs a New Roof

How often do you think about your roof? Most consider their home’s roof to be a permanent fixture that doesn’t require any attention. Although roofs are designed to last for a long time, they do need regular maintenance now and again. Eventually, they might need to be replaced altogether.

If you’re wondering when to call a professional and get a new roof, check out these five warning signs that it’s time to renovate.

Your Roof Appears Saggy or Droopy

A roof that dips or has sagging spots could have trapped moisture or rotting boards. The most obvious signs of decay will be at the lowest points, so you will most likely be able to spot it from the ground.

Roof rot is hard to repair, especially if it’s gone undetected and untreated for years. In these cases, you may be better off replacing the roof altogether than spending thousands making costly repairs.

Light Slips into Your Attic

Check your home’s attic for light slipping through the ceiling. If light makes its way inside through the eaves, then your roof is probably leaky and needs patch work. Old roofs are prone to developing this problem as they age, and many homeowners decide that it’s more effective to replace their dated roof than repair it.

A leaky roof can also cause mold growth in your attic, which attracts pests and poses major health risks to you and your family. Contacting a roofing company if you suspect you have a leaky roof is imperative to preventing damages and health problems.

Your Home is Drafty

A roof that needs replaced will have plenty of cracks and openings that cause excessive heat loss. Your home may always have a draft, especially during the winter. You may also notice that you have to run your air conditioner or heater constantly to keep the temperature balanced.

Drafts can also be caused by a faulty HVAC system or poor insulation, but many homes that need a new roof are prone to them as well.

You Notice Cracked and Peeling Shingles

Weather damage and age can cause parts of your roof to crack, peel and break. If you notice these, you should have a professional make repairs ASAP. In some cases, waiting too long can lead to permanent damage that requires a replacement.

Your Roof is Over 20 Years Old

Like most things, roofs wear out with time. Older homes are subject to more structural problems, especially if they have not been well-maintained. If your home is over 20 years old, chances are that you may be due for an upgrade.

Make sure that you compare several local roofing companies and get a free estimate before you make any major decisions. A new roof is an expensive investment, so you’ll want to make sure that you can trust the people who are installing it. It never hurts to get a second opinion, and many roofing companies will send out a technician to check out your roof and fill you in on what’s going on for free.


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