Drew Barrymore’s Peel-And-Stick Wallpaper Is Here to Dress up Your Holiday Home

Drew Barrymore’s Peel-And-Stick Wallpaper Is Here to Dress up Your Holiday Home

 It’s time to start your holiday list, and we’ve got the perfect item to kick it off: Flower by Drew Barrymore’s new peel-and-stick wallpaper. Part of the second collection of Flower Home that was just announced (very conveniently timed for holiday shopping, we might add) is available on Walmart.com, Jet.com and Hayneedle.com.

We know what you’re thinking: “Isn’t that for rentals?” Let us tell you what’s so great about peel-and-stick wallpaper regardless of where you live: It’s temporary. It allows you to take risks with your interior design in a way you might not consider with less-temporary décor items like, say, actual wallpaper. You can take it down and put something else up when you want your walls to rock a new trend. So, you don’t have to live with the choices you make today for the next 10 years (or more) because you dread taking it down. 

Just how bad is it to take down real wallpaper? One Redditor on the “OMG wallpaper removal sucks” board commented that, I actually tore the walls down in my living room because I didn’t want to steam the wallpaper off. I figured I could tear the walls down and rehang drywall faster than steaming and scraping.”

Peel-and-stick is easy to put up, is repositionable, and comes right off in a matter of seconds when you’re ready for something new. While you’re considering gifts for loved ones, be sure to think about how great this would look in your house!

Flower by Drew Barrymore

Wallpaper is one of the new additions to the fall Flower by Drew Barrymore line (also introduced were new furniture pieces, bedding, accessories, art, and kitchen/dining items.). The lineup includes “artistic and abstract prints, patterns, and colorways inspired by the season,” said Walmart. Each 18 ft. x 18.86 ft. roll is priced from $34-49. And includes:

Navy Vintage Palm
Tropical Toile, Teal
Tropical Toile, Yellow
Peach Vintage Palm
Orange and Blue Vintage Floral
Yellow Vintage Floral Peel
Coral and Blue Art Deco Fan
Blue and Yellow Art Deco Fan

“My décor style has always been very eclectic. I love to make a room feel personal and curated by constantly mixing things up, adding new prints or incorporating accessories found while traveling,” Drew Barrymore said in a release. “This is exactly what we’ve done with our new FLOWER Home collection for fall. We have thoughtfully added new colors, prints, wallpaper, and accents that make your home feel collected and complete!” 


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