Top 7 Tips for SMEs on Managing Finances

Small- to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) face myriad challenges, not least the need to leverage a modest budget to achieve tidy profits against the backdrop a intense international competition. It’s certainly not easy to succeed when you’re facing down operations that are two or three times bigger than yours. But let’s be honest. You didn’t get…

Want a Garden Office for Your Online Business?

While running a web enterprise from your home can certainly be rewarding, it can be frustrating having no clear boundaries between work responsibilities and relaxing. One easy way to get around this is to set up your very own garden office so you can then close up at the end of the day and leave your business matters locked away for the night. As these physical structures are meant to be complete entities though, they will take careful consideration beforehand so you set them up in the right way.

Boost Creativity by Making Your Workplace More Welcoming

Can the appearance and design of your office space really boost creativity? Some business owners are naturally sceptical of this, though scientific research actually suggests that weird and wacky office designs really can boost creativity and even if they don’t, at least your employees won’t have to work in a drab cubicle under the glare of a fluorescent light any longer!