24 Uses For a Dead Tree

Before turning a dead tree into firewood, check to see if woodworkers might want to pay you for the lumber. Sooner or later, every homeowner will likely face the problem of having a dead tree on their property. Whether it’s insects, over- or under-watering, a raised soil level impairing oxygen to the tree or a…

Do Home Sellers Need To Disclose Paranormal Activity?

Well, it’s October already and Halloween decorations are already starting to surface. Haunted houses are fun to visit but most people wouldn’t want to live in one, right? So that raises a “spooky” legal question. Do real estate brokers or sellers have a legal duty to inform purchasers if houses are truly haunted — i.e, have been the site of a murder, suicide or paranormal activity?

Bathroom Accessories – Simple and Elegant Solution

Bathroom accessories help you to beautify the look of your bathroom. It is a place where you spent most of your time in morning and so it needs to be pleasant and comfortable. It is important that you clearly understand how you can change the look of this place, making it more attractive and comfortable with the right products.

Quick tips to increase the value of your house

But what is a person to do if their renovation budget is limited, if they do not have the means to transform that one room that needs sprucing up? There are quick tips and tricks that you can fall back to that will not be too expensive and that will definitely increase the value of the house and make it more attractive to potential buyers.

Great Spaces: The “Scarface” Mansion

Say hello to my little friend! Actually, it’s not that little—it’s a behemoth. It’s hard to talk about Al Pacino’s Cuban refugee Tony Montana without dropping many colorful, yet inappropriate, expletives, but we would be remiss if we didn’t mention that this massive mansion from “Scarface” is now for sale.