As we near the finish line (mercifully), the two candidates are delivering their closing arguments as to why their version of “Change” will be better for us all.

Trump, without much further ado, suggests that the election is over and he has won.   With his sizable lead in the polls it’s hard to argue with the numbers.   Damn the numbers says Biden, we’re going to win anyway.

After all this, it’s finally come down to the old Republican vs. Democrat argument after all.   Trump says he will redistribute the wealth in this country if elected.   Biden says that to Trump, change means “taking your money and giving it to someone else”, but offered nothing further other than to warn voters of the danger inherent with a country run by the Democratic party.

Eight days left before we finally put our fate into someone else’s hands and leave behind the failed Bush regime.   No matter who wins this election, I believe that we will all be better off with new leadership and the lessons learned from those that have gone before.