I don’t know about you, but it sure seems like I’m living better and eating better since the advent of HGTV and The Food Channel.   Maybe it’s the proliferation of Home Depot‘s and Lowe’s along with the many specialty grocery stores carrying fresher and better looking food too, but I’m sure that I’m getting fatter and living more comfortably.

At our house, it seems like one TV or the other is always tuned to one of the two channels.  It started a few years ago when they built a Home Depot  less than four blocks away.   No more excuses about the drive time required  to pick up parts, supplies and tools; they were all in one store and all within walking distance from home.   I think we’ve done every improvement known to man on our little 1600 square foot ranch house.   In fact, we’re on our second go-round with a few projects.  Seems like just the other day I replaced that garbage disposal.

As far as eating goes, I’ve never had it better.   The wife’s cooking skills seem to have come alive since Giada, Sandra Lee, Rachel Ray  and The Barefoot Contessa came to our little TV screen.   Their creations are first-rate and I actually end up eating some of them from time to time.   Some of the fish and pasta dishes the wife has prepared recently were way above fine dining standards.   They were so good in fact that I though I might be in the wrong house when the dinner bell rang. Anyway, things have certainly spiced up in the kitchen at my house.

It’s same ol’ same ol’ in the garage.   Just can’t find enough space to store all my new tools.