Tax Advantages of Investing In Apartments

It’s no secret that real estate is a tax friendly investment.

There are not many investments that offer the tax advantages that real estate provides. Now, I’m no hater of Wall Street. I feel that diversity is important to any portfolio; but when it comes to taxes, real estate has many other investment vehicles beat.

Veteran Homeownership; Where to buy a house?

The VA home loan, which may be the most auspicious benefit available to veterans, is putting vets into homes at a far greater rate than it was just one decade ago. According to Bloomberg news, VA loans accounted for eight percent of all first quarter mortgages this year, an increase from two percent in 2004.

Quick tips to increase the value of your house

But what is a person to do if their renovation budget is limited, if they do not have the means to transform that one room that needs sprucing up? There are quick tips and tricks that you can fall back to that will not be too expensive and that will definitely increase the value of the house and make it more attractive to potential buyers.

Real Estate 2014: The New Wisdom

By Beth Pinsker – When the housing bubble burst, a damage-control mentality replaced decades of conventional real estate wisdom. With the housing market now rebounding, there is still uncertainty. The old rules — such as getting a fixed-rate mortgage and refinancing when you can — don’t apply. But the post-bust rules don’t work either. “There’s a…

Building a Property Portfolio Like a Pro

People often become property speculators by default, having been left a house in a legacy and deciding to rent it out rather than sell it. Another way of starting small tends to happen if they have to move for work and rent the family home whilst looking for somewhere new to live. As long as…

Why Renters Renovate

Kelly and Brandon Michon used plenty of their own elbow grease to clear out old carpets and remove layers of plaster, but got professional help for technical work like redesigning the kitchen, right. Katherine Marks for The New York Times After finding a two-bedroom one-bath fixer-upper in the financial district last fall, Kelly and Brandon…

Choosing An Attorney To Sell Your Home

  Selling your home is an important milestone, freeing up the capital for you to move on to a new location. Whether you are upgrading, downsizing, or just moving to a new location, selling your home is an important yet intricate legal process, and there are plenty of ways in which it can go wrong.…

Real Estate Industry Wary ahead of New Mortgage Rules

(MCT)—Real estate officials are bracing for new federal mortgage rules intended to press lenders to ensure that prospective borrowers are able to repay home loans. Starting Jan. 10, lenders will be required to scrutinize eight types of financial information about a borrower, including income and debts. The so-called ability-to-repay and qualified-mortgage requirements stem from the…