How Millie Bobby Brown Imitated Anna Delvey on Stranger Things Season 4

Millie Bobby Brown imitates Anna Delveys infamous accent Run it again

After watching the hit show “Stranger Things” and discovering her American accent, Millie Bobby Brown has been asked how she got the accent. In this article, she reveals the secret behind her amazing impersonation. To make it even better, we’ve created this guide so you can do the same on the screen. If you want to nail Millie’s American accent, keep reading!

Millie Bobby Brown imitates Anna Delveys accent

Fans have been waiting for Season 4 of Stranger Things to see Millie Bobby Brown imitate Anna Delveys famous accent. During a recent appearance on The Tonight Show, Millie proved she could pull off the accent after all. The actress revealed that she learned her infamous accent from the Hannah Montana series. The cast of the hit Netflix show loves to play pranks on each other.

Stranger Things season 4 premieres on Netflix on Friday, and Millie is making the rounds to promote it. Millie was recently spotted with Jon Bon Jovi’s son Jake. Millie Bobby Brown is currently involved in romantic rumors surrounding her son Jake, and the pair went out to dinner together after the recording. After her Fallon appearance, Jake was also seen having dinner with Millie.

Millie Bobby Brown’s accent on “Stranger Things”

The infamous ‘fake heiress’ Anna Delvey, whose pranks and schemes cost her more than one million dollars, is the subject of a new Netflix series. Despite being born and raised in Spain, the actress picked up an American accent on the Disney show. Since joining the show in 2016, Millie Bobby Brown has taken on the role of the iconic character. Luckily for fans, she has been impersonating the famous accent for a long time.

Millie Bobby Brown’s accent on “Run it again”

Performing the infamous Anna Delveys accent is a difficult task for any actor. Millie Bobby Brown has been nailing it for years. She smashed it on “The Tonight Show” while imitating the accent of Anna Delvey, who is famous for her infamous accent in the movie “Run it Again.” Born and raised in England, the actress has been playing the American accent on her Disney show for a few years now. The cast of the popular Disney show Hannah Montana likes to play pranks on each other and she has been doing this for a while.